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Welcome to 
Lehigh Valley Kids!
Serving The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Beyond.

What's A Kid To Do?
Lehigh Valley Kids has the answer. Whether you are living in the valley or just visiting, we got you covered. Listings of special events as well as year round attractions. Museums, art centers, science centers, outdoors, entertainment centers, clubs, animal attractions, amusement parks, water parks, farms, and more.


Note To Visitors:
There are so many things to do in the valley. Our goal is to list them all. This is going to take time. But you can help! Let us know of your favorite thing to do in the valley. Fill in the information here. What to know about the latest attractions and events added? Join our newsletter list!


Categories Explanation
Categories are listed to the left.

All listings are in the Lehigh Valley or with in a 150 mile drive.

Amusement & Water Parks -
Although seasonal, this is a list of permanent amusement parks and water parks.

Animal Attractions -
Zoo's, Wildlife Preserves, Aquariums, and more things to do that involve animals.

Annual Events - Events that occur year after year in the same location

Articles -
Information to help you plan day trips with your class or children

Arts/Theater/Music -
Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Music that occur in a permanent place.

Botanicals -
Gardens, plants, and botanical attractions.

Calendar Of Events
List of special events for permanent attractions as well as temporary. Looking for something to do this weekend, Look Here!
Caves & Falls -
Caves and Falls attractions. Some seasonal.

Classes -
List of classes for permanent attractions as well as temporary. Looking for something for your children to do? Look Here!

Clubs -
Clubs for kids
and parents to join.

Entertainment Centers -
Play places and more. 

Farms & Pick Your Own -
Farms, strawberry picking, apple picking, berry picking, peach picking, and more.

- Coming Soon! Libraries and other literature attractions.

Museums/ Science/ Tours -
Historic museums, art museums, transportation museums, Science center, tour, and more...

Sports and outdoor attractions. Some seasonal.

Restaurant Reviews - Reviews of family friendly restaurants.

Seasonal -
Attraction that only happen during holidays and certain parts of the year. Ex. Hayrides

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We Need Your Imput!

Help us to fill our Calendar! 
Without you we can't share fun things to do in the valley. Know of a kid friendly event, share it with us!

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