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Attraction Review

Welcome to Lehigh Valley Kids. We will review all kid and family friendly attractions in the Lehigh Valley. The listing is FREE. All we ask is the attraction covers the cost of our review family's visit (entrance, rides, etc...). We only list favorable reviews. If you ask to have your attraction reviewed and it is found to be not family friendly, we will not post a review for your attraction. We will let you know why we found that your attraction is not family friendly. However if your attraction is found to be family friendly, your review will remain on our site as long as we own the site and your attraction remains family friendly. If we get reports from our visitor that your attraction is not holding up to the review we reserves the right to remove it. What you get: Your site will be listed. A review icon and link to your review will be added to your listing. You will also be listed on the "Review Of Attractions" page. We will feature a reviewed attraction in our newsletter and on a few key webpages bi-weekly. Featured reviews will be picked at random from our reviews.

Things we will be looking vary by type of attraction. Generally what we are looking for when reviewing is:
Children's Enjoyment
Age Appropriate
That your attraction is everything your brochure says it is
and more...

If you would like Lehigh Valley Kids to review your
attraction, please fill in the information below, then click the send button. We will contact you shortly.

Attractions Name:


 Contact Phone Number:

 Who Are You? (Name and Title [owner, manager, etc.])


 Email Address:

 List Days and Hours of Operation:

  Age Groups: (Check all that apply)
  Infant 0-1 Toddlers 2 Preschool 3-5 
Elementary 6-9 Middle 10-13 High 14-18


  Group Types: (Check all that apply)
  Family Small Group Large Group

 Type of Attraction:

 About Your Attraction (the what, who, why, etc...):

 Any other information you would like us to know?

 If you have a brochure, please mail it to us at:
 Lehigh Valley Kids
 Po Box 4542
 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 

We reserve the right to refuse to review any attraction However once we have agree to review your attraction and have excepted the tickets for review we will follow through with it. If your attraction is found to be not family friendly, we will inform you on why and no review will be posted. By submitting your information you state that you give Lehigh Valley Kids permission to post the information and edit the info to fit the site. We do not guarantee that all submitted information will be posted. We check out all information for kid appropriateness before posting. 



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