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Bethlehem MOMS Club  

  2 Miles

Bethlehem, PA

Email Contact: Depending on where you live, depends on which club you can join. Please see their website for more information.

Bethlehem MOMS Club Website


The MOMS Club Of Bethlehem is a support group designed for the at-home mother of today! At-home mothers of any age children are welcome! 

There are currently three separate chapters of The MOMS Club in the Bethlehem area: The MOMS Club of Bethlehem, The MOMS Club of  Bethlehem Township, and The MOMS Club of Hanover Township.  Each of the area's three MOMS Clubs offer similar activities and benefits.  We have 3 Clubs in the area because we feel that a smaller group size helps mothers to feel more welcome and comfortable participating in our activities.  In addition, by having mothers join the Club that is closest to their home, they will get to know the mothers whose children will attend the same schools, participate on the same sports teams and play at the same nearby parks.

Membership Dues

The MOMS Club Of Bethlehem has a low yearly dues to cover expenses like, donation to the meeting hall, newsletter copies, postage to mail the newsletter, etc... Each club sets their own low price. Please contact with the club to find out more.

Club Benefits

Benefits of the MOMS Club Of Bethlehem are weekly play groups, special group (like recipe club, book club, walking club, and more...), community involvement through service projects, monthly newsletter, friendship and more.


For more information about the MOMS Club Of Bethlehem, please visit the MOMS Club Of Bethlehem website.

Some of the information above come directly from the MOMS Club Of Bethlehem website.



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