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Strawberry Acres 

    14 Miles

1767 Clearview Rd 
Coplay, PA 18037-2504 

General Information Call: 610-261-2323 or 1-800-262-UPIK

Strawberry Acres Website


Strawberry Acres is a pick-your-own fruit operation. However, for the convenience of those who cannot or do not wish to pick for themselves, they also offer fruit pre-picked during it's respective season.


*The Strawberry Acres' hours are:

Open Daily 9am - 6pm
April 1st through November 24th.

Hours posted are current as of 6/04. They are subject to change. Please see the Strawberry Acres Website for the most current information.


In Season

Approximate Picking Seasons for Strawberry Acres are:

Apples ~ Beginning approximately September 
Peaches ~ Beginning approximately August 
Pumpkins ~ Last weekend of September through Halloween
Raspberries ~ Beginning approximately August 
Cherries ~ Beginning approximately July
Pears ~ Season lasts 7 - 10 days
Bartlett - Beginning approximately August 
Bosc & Anjou - Beginning approximately September 



Strawberry Acres also provides picking containers and rides to the field. Plus, no ladders are needed to pick your own fruit. Everyone can reach!

For more information about Strawberry Acres, please visit the Strawberry Acres website or call.

Some of the information above come directly from the Strawberry Acres website.



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